New Minecraft Ore Veins

Fri Dec 2. 2022

New Minecraft Ore Veins

Minecraft's handy ore veins will soon be even bigger.

Mojang announced the 21w16a update to Caves and Cliffs preview, as posted on the Minecraft official website earlier this week. Ore veins in Minecraft used to be little more than blogs. But this update has made them “larger, rarer, snake-like underground formations,” with the ability to spawn underground.

All of this is part of the major Caves and Cliffs update to Minecraft. The release date has been delayed. As we wait for the final update, this preview build shows the new changes to ore veins, which will be released later.

The new snapshot update for Minecraft includes dripstone growth. According to the official Minecraft update notes, “If a stalactite hangs from a dripstone block with water source above it, it will slowly grow both a stalactite and a stalagmite.”

These dripstones grow at a very slow rate, which can take several Minecraft days to complete. A stalactite can only grow to seven blocks in length, and stalagmite growth will only occur if the stalagmite or floor below is within 10 block. I hope you remember which one from your high school geography lessons.

Mojang, the Minecraft developer, announced earlier this year that Minecraft Earth would be closing down permanently due to safety concerns around the COVID-19 pandemic. Minecraft Earth will close its doors in June. However, there is still time to explore the exploration game.