Magma Cream (Minecraft)

Thu Dec 22. 2022

Magma Cream (Minecraft)

One of Minecraft's most important ingredients is magma cream. This article will show you how to locate it and how it can be used.

Minecraft's greatest asset is its abundance of items and blocks. There are many blocks and items that can be found, but some are very important and others are used only for niche purposes.

Even someone who is relatively new to Minecraft may have difficulty understanding the purposes and recipes of each item. Magma cream, for example, can be a difficult item to find the first time. Magma cream, an important crafting ingredient and ingredient, is worth keeping once it's found.

How to get Magma Cream

Magma is found in Minecraft's Nether dimension. To access the Nether dimension, players must first create a Nether portal. Before you venture into the Nether, it is recommended that you have some tools and armor made of iron. This area can be quite dangerous in Minecraft.

You can easily find magma cream in these places in the Nether dimension.

How to make magma cream

You can make magma cream in Minecraft. However, you will need to have slimeball or blaze powder. To make magma cream, combine them in any manner you like in the crafting grid. Find both ingredients here:

How to Use Magma Cream

Players might be a bit confused about what they can do with magma cream once they have it. There are two ways to use it in the game: making magma blocks and making fire resistance potions. The fire resistance potion is their best use. It is extremely useful in the Nether, when you are mining Ancient Debris for Netherite.

Make an Awkward Potion first by mixing a water bottle with Netherwart in a brewing pot. To make the fire resistance potion, you will need to add the magma crème. Redstone can be added to the potion to extend its duration.

To make a magma brick, you can use four magma creams. You can place them in the crafting grid in 2×2 patterns. When walked on, magma blocks can cause serious injury to the player. They can be placed underwater to create a bubble column that pulls mobs of players and mobs towards it.