How to find diamonds in Minecraft

Sun Jan 8. 2023

How to find diamonds in Minecraft

Finally, the most anticipated Minecraft update is out. Minecraft 1.18 has changed what Overworld players knew. Players will see many changes in the terrain after they enter the new world.

Minecraft 1.18 has updated to allow mountains to reach a height of Y 256 and caves to a depth Y -59. These drastic changes in the Overworld generation required an overhaul of ore distribution.

The Overworld's entire ore distribution has changed. This has also had an impact on the generation of diamond ore, which is one of Minecraft's most valuable resources.

5) Treasure chests buried

Minecraft 1.18 updates will allow players to discover huge ocean biomes that are filled with underwater structures such as shipwrecks. You can quickly access treasure maps to locate hidden loot boxes containing diamonds, emeralds and the heart of the ocean.

Treasure loot chests buried in treasure are 59.9% more likely to have diamonds in Java Edition than they are in Bedrock Edition. These chests are most likely to contain diamonds in Minecraft. These chests are not able to yield more than 1-2 diamonds.

4) Bastion remnants, fortress

Fortresses and bastion remnants are both good places to search for diamonds in the Nether realm. These structures are home to many loot boxes, particularly in bastion remnants. Players may also discover ancient debris and netherite ingots while searching for diamonds.

3) End cities

Endgame players can raid end cities for easy diamonds if they don't want to go on a mining trip. Loot chests in end cities can contain 2-7 diamonds. There is a 21.2% chance that they will.

Players will find valuable and rare items while raiding end-city cities such as elytras and enchanted equipment, gold, shulkershells, and other valuable items.

2) Discovering new caves

Minecraft 1.18 has massive caves that can generate overworld-wide. New noise caves allow players to find exposed ores as they explore cave systems.

To increase your chances of finding diamond ores exposed, players can explore caves below Y 16

1) Strip mining

Many players were concerned that strip mining would not be possible in Minecraft 1.18. It still works and it is one of the best methods to find diamonds.

Minecraft 1.18 update now has diamond ores concentrated near the new layer of bedrock. Diamond ores are less visible as the height level drops, even though they are abundant. To find diamonds deep within the Overworld's layers, players will need to mine.