Feels like home achievement guide

Tue Jan 10. 2023

Feels like home achievement guide

Minecraft offers a wide range of achievements that players can achieve while exploring the vast world. Although players can do almost anything in this sandbox, achievements serve as side quests that help them learn about different features.

Mojang updates Minecraft with new achievements every time. Four new achievements were added to Caves and Cliffs Part II's most recent update. They all relate to the new features introduced in version 1.18.

To obtain the 1.18 achievement, called “Feels Like Home”, players must visit the Nether realm. This article will show you how to get the achievement in Minecraft.

The Overworld's large cheese caves are the inspiration for the 'Feels Like home' achievement. These noise caves will form near the bedrock layer and create vast lava lakes in the Overworld. The Overworld caves' lava lakes are very similar to the Nether's lava.

The achievement description in-game reads: Take a Strider to take a long ride on lava lakes in the Overworld. Players will need to locate a strider in order to achieve this feat.

The Nether realm is home to the passive mob known as Striders. These long-legged, tall creatures love lava and can walk on it. They can spawn in any Nether biome as long as there is enough lava around.

Players can also find striders in the vast lava waters of the Nether.

Players will be awarded the “Feels Like Home” achievement after they have completed 50 blocks. To move the strider in one direction, players will need to use a warped mushroom on a stick. Players who have ridden a porc before will be familiar with how to control the strider's movements.

As soon as a Nether strider is brought to the Nether, the player can create a nether portal before a large lava lake in Overworld. To complete the achieveme