Best food in Minecraft

Fri Jan 27. 2023

Best food in Minecraft

This is something that not all Minecraft players know, but villager have a hidden willingness stat. It determines whether or not they want to breed. This stat partly depends on how much food a villager keeps in their inventory.

Some food items can also be traded to villagers to get emeralds or other items in Minecraft. No matter if players want to trade with or raise villagers, some foods are more beneficial than others. Farmers and fishermen are very particular about what they eat, so villager breeding centers focus on four food types.

This article will discuss the most important food items that Minecraft villager's need.

#5) Melon Blocks

Melon blocks are not required for villager breeding but they can be used to trade with farmers villagers for emeralds. One emerald can be obtained for the cost of four melon block.

Although it might not seem like a good trade, melons can be grown in Minecraft. You can harvest them with a Silk Touch-enchanted instrument to grab the melon blocks themselves instead of breaking them into slices. Players can easily accumulate a large number of emeralds by setting up an efficient melon farm.

#4) Beetroots

Although beetroots can only be spawned in Minecraft villages that are situated on farms' crop plots by farmers, they can still be useful for trading and breeding villager. Farmer villagers will give players an emerald for 15 beetroots.

Although this isn't the most lucrative trade, beetroots are better at increasing the breeding willingness of villagers. Villagers will be more likely to breed if they have 12 beetroots. Because beetroot is already available in villages, it's possible to borrow some and start your own farm. This will allow for easy villager breeding.

#3) Potatoes

Potatoes can be used to make a villager want to breed, much like the Minecraft beetroots. They can have 12 potatoes in their inventory. A potato's chance of appearing on village farm plots is 20% higher than that of beetroots (compared to 10% for beetroot).

Multiple potatoes can be harvested from one crop block. This means that a villager should be able to harvest at least 12 potatoes in order to activate his breeding desire. Farmers tend to cut nearby crop blocks and give the food to other villagers when they are hungry. This should result in a rise in the number of breeding villages.

#2) Carrots

Carrots are another breeding-friendly Minecraft crop that villagers can grow. They appear in farmers' plots with the same frequency of potatoes. The same goes for carrots. 12 carrots will increase their willingness to breed.

You should also note the other benefits carrots have for villager interaction. Although 22 carrots can be traded to farmers for an emerald this deal is not worth it. However, carrots can be used for breeding rabbits. You can breed and kill rabbits by trading four pieces of rabbit with butchers to get an emerald. This is a more economical trade than trying to obtain emeralds.

#1) Bread

Wheat is one of the easiest crops you can grow in Minecraft. It requires very little setup and could be easily mass-produced. You can make bread with three pieces of wheat. This is the best way for villagers to be willing breeding participants.